Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Southeastern ADK Rustic Camping Club talks up ADK Tiny House plans

As a member-run club we benefit from having members that know their way around various aspects of construction.

We are looking for like minded people with the desire to build and enjoy ADK Tiny Houses at a property that is designed to be ECO friendly.

All while being able to enjoy the private boat launch "Ottenburgh's Ramp" to get out onto Southern Lake Champlain. From our location west of Maple Bend Island, between Buoys 18 & 22 you can be out on the water in now time.

Don't get me wrong, the property has seen better days, but the important things Mother Nature continues to provide. The rest we can work to repair, and restore in an ECO friendly manner so that we can start making memories sooner rather than later.

Although we are a Member-run Club, we are not a work camp. We take our time to evaluate what we have, plan projects, and yes work together to complete projects, but in a manner that allows for plenty of time to enjoy what we came here for. The awesome Outdoors that is available here and on the water.

As a member-run club we meet to vote on the rules, as well as our fee structure. We even determine when we can come out and play. A much better option than you will find by just going online to see what someone else has come up with for rules, and how much they have determined that it will cost for the dates that they have come up with for you to to camp & fish.

The owner has even allowed us to encouraged us to work together to come up with some profit sharing options, once the expenses like taxes, and insurance are covered, provided that there is a plan for responsible improvements to be accomplished.

Contact us at with your achevements, skills, as well as your goals. Please include "2009 trial membership program info" in the subject line.

At this time we are not open to the public. We are a member run club that is using and managing the property. We are discussing options to offer some activities to the public in the future such as dockage, and community gardening. If you have an idea please share it with us.

By having two member-run clubs we can offer Fishing (& boating) options through the "Ottenburgh's Ramp Fishing Club" and camping options through the "Southeastern ADK Rustic Camping Club". As the clubs work very closely together it is almost like one club with two departments. Allowing you to join one or both.

Start with a Dream - Turn it into a Plan.

I am working on plans to design Eco friendly Tiny Houses for my Southern Lake Champlain property.

Although I am just starting to learn about the whole Eco friendly & Tiny House process, I am looking for some like minded people that are willing and able to help me in my quest.

A little about me:
I have two locations from which to work. My retail commercial property, with residential conditional use permit(yes... my home) in Central Vermont at 628 E Barre Rd, Barre, VT 05641-9014, as well as online. Once in awhile I am able to make an appearance at my Dream Property overlooking Southern Lake Champlain in Clemons, NY 12819, but my plate is currently pretty full with work, college studies, and helping my dear wife, Edith, to care for our daughter, Amber, in her home nearby in Berlin, VT 05602.

Amber is a sweatheart that loves her rattles, and her lollypop treats. But she is mentally about a year old, and is a ventilator dependent patiant that requires 24 hour care. We are lucky when the two nursing agencies are able to fill most of the 16 hours a day that is authorized. But it keeps us close to home, as we are the back up plan during the day, as well as the front line during the evenings.

This doesn't stop me from planning and dreaming.

When I am able to complete my accounting degree plan. I will be looking for a work with a local accounting firm. Hopefully one with a branch office in Rutland, that would love to have an office in the Barre, VT area. I might be able to work something out be able to open a branch at a new building on my retail commercial lot here in town.

There is much to learn, and much work to be done, but together we will be able to accomplish so much more. You may have heard that Many hands make light work.

I just learned about an awesome open source collaboration online at
I would love to form a local group that could do a similiar projects with me.